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Products for handling storm and waste water in buildings

  • ACO Stainless - Commercial stainless steel building drainage systems available with a wide range of gratings or in slot channel format. Products can be supplied to suit heavy duty applications.
  • ACO Food - To prevent contamination by harmful bacteria, a range of uniquely designed stainless steel channels have been developed to stringent health and safety requirements. Deep drawn bodies enable complete drainage, eliminating stagnant waste water; smells and microbial growth. Designs incorporate large radii in channels to ensure easy cleaning and comes with anti-slip grate choices.
  • ACO Gully - A range of fixed and adjustable height stainless steel floor wastes in commercial and industrial projects where hygiene, durability and performance requirements are paramount. Products include a choice of stainless steel grates and bucket traps.
  • ACO Pipe - A stainless steel push fit socketed pipe system which provides an alternative to plastic soil and waste pipework. ACO Pipe is manufactured from grade 316 austenetic stainless steel. Products are chemically pickled and passivated for durability and corrosion resistance. Products are available in 50mm, 75mm, 110mm, 125mm, 160mm and 200mm external diameters in lengths up to 6 meters.
  • ACO BuildLine - A range of threshold type storm water drainage products, designed to protect at or around the building line. Unique products address design requirements for thresholds, balconies, green roofs and building facades. Visit for system to comply with NZ building code.
  • QuARTz by ACO - A designer range of linear and point drains for bathrooms. A choice of floor grates is available for use in the shower areas (ShowerPoint) or bathroom floor (CentrePoint). These can be used alongside ShowerChannel to complete a threefold integrated design.